1. DM "16-II", "10-II"

With high-speed power advance for large roll labels and fanfold with multiple rows to 15" width!
DM "16-11" shown below

DM 16-II, 10-II


DM "10-11" shown below

DM 16-11

2. Dispensa-Sheet II

Power advance for laser, ink-jet or copier printed labels in 8-1/2" wide sheets.

3. DM "U-45"

Power advance for one-up computer forms, or printed labels in rolls 3/8" to 4-1/2" wide.

4. DM "U-60"

High Speed power advance for larger labels in rolls (up to 6" wide).

5. Select-a-matic "D-5"

Power advance for presort labels or printed roll labels (butt cut or die cut), up to 5-1/2" diameter.

6. Bottle-Matic - 16" width cylinder labeling machine.

Label any cylindrical container fast and accurately FRONT & BACK from .5" to 9" diameters at speeds of 950 pieces per hour. It can even do tapered containers without customizing.

7. Dispenser/Coder

Models U-45, U-60 or 10-11 dispensers can be interfaced with the Kiwi Coder Model #1100 Impact Coder. Call for price.